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Commercial Projects
South Street Seaport                                                                IBM Headquarters                                                                     Rockefeller Center

South Street Seaport
New York, NY
New York was first settled because of its access to the sea. Located at the tip of Manhattan, the South Street Seaport was the center of our country's maritime development. An estimated one third of all merchant tonnage in the world moved b sailing ships from the two-mile stretch of piers, warehouses, and counting houses at South Street.


Laguna Rivera Dunes Site and Marine Work  Palmetto, Florida

Cost: $ 8 Million 
Contract: Project Director of Construction
Responsibility:  Design Build contractor management
Company: Champion

Lead Developer OPUS South, Tampa Florida
Project Scope:

The redevelopment venture between the Rouse Company and the City of New York Phase 1 included:

  • The Maritime Museum

  • Preservation of the 1811 Schermerhorn Rown

  • Kilimanjaro Safari through a large open plain in a vehicle and pass by African animals running free

  • The addition of a theater

  • Galleries

  • Exhibit Facilities for maps, models, prints paintings & nautical treasures

    New construction included the Fulton Street Market Building, a 60,000 square foot, three story building spanning over the active fish market that has been in operation since 1835.

    Phase 2 centered around the construction of a new football field sized pier platform over the East River. A four-story, 350,0000 square foot retail structure was constructed on top of the new Pier 17 platform.