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Historic Landmark Renovation Projects
Ellis Island                                                                             Statue of Liberty                                                       US Supreme Court House
Statue of Liberty Restoration
New York, NY
Prior to the Liberty Weekend Centennial Celebration, a massive restoration and preservation of America's symbol of freedom was underway.


  • Historic Landmark Renovations

Project: Statue of Liberty Restoration
Cost: $100 Million
Contract: CM Services
Responsibility:  On Site Seniior Project Manager
Company: Lehrer McGovern
Client: Statue of Liberty Elliis Island Foundation and the NPS

Project Scope:

The preservation work commenced with the errection of scaffolding around the 12 story edifice to provide access to clean every inch of the copper cladding. On the interior, over 1,800 armature bars that secured the skin to the structure were replaced with steel. Many layers of paint on the interior staircases replaced the old stair tower. 

After the stabilization was complete and Centennial passed Mr. Champion served as the Senior project manager to complete:

  • New docking facilities for the Circle Line

  • Site work

  • Paving

  • Bongazzi decking

  • Landscaping outside of the Statue and pedestal

The following interior items were modernized, completed and commissioned:

  • Mechanical

  • Life safety

  • Electrical

  • Fire protection

  • Security controls

  • New elevator systems

At project completion Mr. Champion was asked to stay on as Senior Project Manager for the massive Ellis Island project.