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Historic Landmark Renovation Projects
Ellis Island                                                                                Statue of Liberty                                                                  US Supreme Court 
The Supreme Court of the United States
Washington D.C. 

The Supreme Court, a 68 year old building, was not upgraded since it's completion in 1935. 


  • Historic Landmark Renovations

Project: Modernization of the Supreme Court of the United States
Cost: $122 Million
Contract: CM Services/ Owner's Rep
Responsibility:  On Site Seniior Project Manager
Client: SCUS Washington D.C.

Project Scope:

Designated by the Supreme Court of the United States to join a team that would provide representation at Capitol Hill, security planning and coordination, Champion managed concerns of the Court during its continued operation during the securing and perimeter fortification of Capitol Hill, along with the $500 million Capitol Visitor's Center being built across the street.

Champion's involvement included

  • Court-based project management for security upgrades

  • Extensive phasing & logistics planning

  • Installation of perimeter construction security precautions

  • Construction of a large underground "annex" building