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Owners Representation Services

The Owner’s Rep is the firm or individual advocate that bridges the gap between ownership and all of the entities involved with your project.

We ensure that decisions are all made in your best interests. As your Owner’s Rep we are not only recognized as leaders in design and the construction process we are experienced in the overall responsibilities of total project development and delivery.


The ability to bridge the gaps with effectiveness comes from your Owner’s Rep’s experience from the developer point of view. There is a tremendous amount of planning and execution to be managed by the Owner and your project manager from Champion is there from the beginning to help you with Project Formulation. This provides you with ability focus your time, resources and efforts on critical decisions while your project Champion will:


  • Project needs assessment and feasibility report assistance for Owner
  • Conceptual Plans and Base Budget development, pro-forma assistance, cash flow development
  • Project Development schedule
  • Assist with the Outline of the Project Goals and Objectives
  • Due diligence assistance, options development assistance
  • Define Specialty consultant identification, RFP prep and definition of their required scope of services
  • Define Approval Requirements
  • Provide Go No-Go decision assistance
  • Assist with Agency and permit coordination
  • User group needs and define work plans
  • Define special project considerations
  • Establish specific project Management Plan for your project
  • Assist with special Economic Development Programs



The Owner’s Rep will help you select the design firms and consultants by presenting you with a transparent procurement process, clear definition of scope of services, clear definition of the project goals and objectives and competitive fees.

  • Kick off with project outreach to consultants and assemble firms LOI and qualifications for your invitation to compete for the assignment
  • Assist owner with selection of the form of consultant contracts
  • Coordinate with in house legal and procurement stakeholders
  • Reference and work load verifications of potential firms
  • Preparation of integrated scope of work for multitude of consultants that may be necessary
  • Manager flow of information during procurement of services
  • Collect existing as-builts, utility and survey information
  • Define In-Kind Donations Program
  • Establish design criteria and program requirements       and design schedule
  • Explore LEED analysis
  • Define and track consultant deliverables
  • Define insurance requirements
  • Finalize design management strategies
  • Outline Design Quality Standards
  • Coordinate presentations to Owner
  • Prepare contracts for Owner Consultant review


The Owner’s Rep is a critical member of your team that will provide you with sound advice during the critical selection of you design consultants. The amount of work to orchestrate is significant and it is critical that the Owner and Champion define and execute an orderly approach to the process before the designers and consultants proceed with any design work that is not aligned with your goals.