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Strategy Development Services

It Starts with a Plan

The Owner will use its resources effectively and efficiently to achieve value for the project monies. A good plan will not only increase the probability of success, it will minimize disputes. The public and private sector Owner project teams need to define the business requirements and the Owner must design the solution. A plan is thus required to identify the outcomes that the Owner wants to achieve from a project and the specific outputs required to achieve them. How the latter are defined directly affects the designers and the builder's ability to provide innovative solutions. A good Project Management Plan (PMP) includes the development of clear lines of responsibilities (e.g. Owner, staff, partners and stakeholders).  

Champion will use lessons learned from high profile successful projects to develop and provide clear specifications and measurable performance outputs for the Owner’s PMP in order to effectively monitor performance and minimize delays and disputes. Your PMP will start with the following components:

Communication Structure

It is vital from the outset to communicate openly and candidly with all of the project’s stakeholders, not merely the oversight and steering partners to the project.

The Need for a Project Champion

As with most projects, no matter what their business form, projects require champions who are determined to drive the process forward and to find solutions to obstacles. Among the most likely candidates are senior executives who head a unit responsible for a project, such as the Director of Development of an Organization. All leaders need to be well informed so they can play a critical role in minimizing misperceptions about the value to the organization of an effective partnership. Champions must also be found among the senior facility managers and user groups responsible for implementing a project.

Action Plans require substantial time, effort and skill to co-ordinate the input and support of elected officials and staff from within many departments. Failure to identify and empower a strong project champion is a key contributor to an unsuccessful Action Plan process. Conversely, the support and stewardship of a strong project champion can go a long way in overcoming many seemingly overwhelming barriers. This applies not only during project development but during the implementation and operation phases as well.

In general, accessing the required expertise from within a government agency to develop and implement an Action Plan has proven to be a significant challenge. Most government agencies have not organized themselves nor have they developed policies and procedures to be able to facilitate effective implementation of large scale projects. Thus, a substantial up-front and ongoing effort is required to muster an effective plan. A senior staff project champion has to act as an overall project manager, coordinating the detailed work of a range of specialists while anticipating the requirements of outside stakeholders. No one can do it alone; and all successful project champions have had the support of a strong Project Team. The Project Team may include a mix of Owner staff and external advisors.

Select the Delivery Method

The intention of the Owner Builder Designer partnership is to enter into a long-term contractual relationship for the mutual benefit of the parties. The relationship is not merely financial in nature - the "lowest bid" is not necessarily the best choice. It is essential to consider the ability of each short-listed designer AND bidder to deliver over the life cycle of the project - what kind of experience and track record do they bring to the project? Will they be able to sustain a relationship within the terms and over the period of the contract? Will they be able to manage the opportunities and risks inherent in the project?

Use a Proven Approach

The costing of existing and/or planned projects must be conducted on a full life-cycle basis. This is particularly important for the Owner. One of the main objectives of undertaking an independent comparator is to determine if a project is affordable to the Owner. To this end, the designers and builders must ensure full life-cycle costing at an early stage, taking into account the full cost of the assets and the Owner’s risks inherent in undertaking a project.

Ensure Integrity in the Process

Design Teams and Construction firms need an accurate program description of what is required and a clear identification of any procurement special conditions that are specific to the project. The process must be fair, open and transparent, timelines must be respected, and negotiations undertaken in good faith. Both parties must understand the costs and risks involved in the process as well as in the project, itself. The process also requires sound contract management arrangements, with early identification of the people to be involved in contract administration.

Exercise Good Governance

In general, partnerships succeed because people have exercised due diligence in planning, have established and engaged in a fair, open and transparent process and have respected contractual obligations and performance output requirements. Good governance implies all of the above. It is not however guaranteed, rather it is a commitment from both parties to find and achieve a win-win solution for the taxpayer. With a responsibility to protect the public interest, the public sector partner must ensure that its monitoring, regulating and enforcement roles are effectively undertaken.

Select your Project CHAMPION and identify the participants and their roles and establish your Project Management Plan.


√  Designate an experienced project manager

√  Assess the qualifications and experience of the planned project team members

√  Complete a detailed work plan

√  Establish an issues control tracking system with target resolution dates

√  Establish a regular project team review meeting schedule

√  Establish a participant update meeting schedule

√  Conduct a project kickoff meeting and start to work the plan